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Our professional brands to meet diverse needs

The economic and social environment has changed over time, and the recruitment and career change methods are becoming increasingly diverse. In order to respond flexibly to the constantly changing situation, we have established various brands to meet the needs of companies and job seekers.

Recruitment services

JAC Recruitment

JAC Recruitment provides recruitment services specialising in middle-level management and specialists for all industries and job categories such as manufacturing, IT, health care, finance, consumer goods, service and web business. Our consultants who are familiar with each field will thoroughly understand the needs of companies seeking talent and provide job seekers with opportunities that allow them to make full use of their experience and skills, thereby connecting both parties and supporting their growth.

JAC Digital

JAC Digital is a recruitment service that promotes digital transformation of society through introduction of professionals who can drive digitisation within companies. By connecting companies aiming for digitisation and candidates who have experience in digital fields, such as CDOs, CIOs, AI engineers and data scientists, we contribute to the growth of both parties.

JAC Executive

In order for a company to grow to the next stage, it is essential to recruit talent who can lead the business or drive reforms in accordance with changes in the business environment. By connecting companies aiming for further growth and candidates who have experience of managing a company or leading a company’s growth as an executive, JAC Executive helps solve the problems of both parties.

JAC International

Our multilingual consultants, who have high expertise and an international understanding of each industry and job category, will introduce candidates with a high level of language and specialist skills mainly to foreign-owned companies. By connecting the human resource needs of foreign-owned companies seeking outstanding global talent with job seekers who have a high level of language and specialist skills, JAC International contributes to the growth of both parties.

JAC Career

JAC Career works with companies to develop hiring plans centered around the recruitment of skilled young professionals in their 20s. With a focus on administrative roles and the IT/Digital and back office field, JAC consultants connect the next generation of future leaders with companies aspiring for long-term growth.


VantagePoint introduces highly qualified candidates to the world's leading consulting firms and financial institutions operating in Japan, from executive personnel such as senior managers and partners to young executive candidates. Approximately 40% of their referrals are management personnel, and 10% are senior managers such as presidents and CxOs.

Other recruitment related services

JAC Interim Management Solutions(IMS)

JAC Group's Interim Management Solutions (IMS) offers outsourcing services to support the resolution of ongoing managerial challenges faced by businesses. Drawing on our many years of experience and extensive network of highly skilled professionals, we connect your company to qualified experts equipped to support management progress on a project-by-project basis.

Recruitment Process Optimisation(RPO)

RPO Solutions offers Recruitment Process Optimisation services leveraging collaborative knowledge of both specialist RPO consultants and highly-skilled recruitment consultants with industry-specific knowledge.


Since its launch in 2000, CareerCross has attracted companies searching for multilingual talent and job seekers who wish to work in foreign-owned companies. More than 70% of the registered candidates have English proficiency above business level, which makes it a reliable recruitment website specialising in recruitment and career change of global talent.

Annual salary level, target job seekers and target companies of our service brands

Challenges for recruitment constantly change in accordance with the company's business situation. Through our different recruitment service brands and bilingual recruitment website, we provide appropriate solutions to companies’ constantly changing, diverse human resource needs and job seekers who aim for further success, thereby supporting the growth of both parties.