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Recruitment services

At JAC International, highly specialised, multilingual consultants with a global mind provide recruitment and career change support for global (mainly foreign-owned) companies and candidates who wish to make active use of their language skills and expertise in foreign-owned companies.

JAC Recruitment International is headquartered in Singapore and offers recruitment services in seven Asian countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, India) and in Europe in the UK and Germany, in North America in the USA. It provides recruitment and career change support for locally based Japanese and Japanese-speaking locals who wish to work in Japanese or local companies.

Since its establishment in 2012, VantagePoint K.K. provides recruitment services for executive-level professionals from senior managers and partners to young executive candidates for the world's leading consulting firms and financial institutions operating in Japan. Approximately 40% of the referrals are management personnel, and 10% are senior managers such as presidents and CxOs.

Recruitment media services

Since its launch in 2000, CareerCross has attracted companies searching for multilingual talent and job seekers who wish to work in foreign-owned companies. More than 70% of the registered candidates have English proficiency above business level, which makes it a reliable recruitment website specialising in recruitment and career change of global talent.