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Recruitment consultancy business model

Candidates register with the recruitment company and receive job introductions and consultation services. Client companies pay the recruitment company upon the successful recruitment of an introduced candidate. With more than 35 years of experience in Japan, we provide appropriate and attentive consultation services to both companies seeking talent and candidates who wish to change jobs.

Benefits of using recruitment services

Initially our consultants will provide advice regarding the setting of recruitment requirements based on the current recruitment market and the client company’s business situation, before starting the recruitment process and introducing candidates. As a result, the recruitment process can be streamlined. In addition, recruitment costs can be effectively controlled since only upon successful recruitment of a candidate is a fee payable.

Job seekers can meet with our consultants who are familiar with the recruitment market and the client companies’ recruitment situation, to get career advice and detailed job information as well as to learn the trends of recommended jobs and how to proceed with a career change. They can also receive consulting services such as skills analysis and advice on how to write a resume. After receiving a job offer, they can also get support for negotiating the terms of employment such as the start date and annual salary. Registration and use of our services are free.

  • Contingency-based model
    ‐Fees are paid upon successful recruitment.
  • Shorter recruitment process
    ‐Our consultants propose recommended candidates. You can shorten the recruitment and screening process.
  • I want to collect information about career change
    ‐By consultation, we will provide information about vacancies in each industry and about the ideal candidates that companies are searching for, etc.
  • I want advice about how to make a successful career change
    ‐Our consultants will help you to succeed in your career change by giving you advice about your resume and job history documents and preparing you for interviews.

Types of recruitment services

The recruitment services can be largely divided into the “registration type” and “executive search type”. We are a “registration type” recruitment company that has been growing for many years.

In this type of service, candidates are introduced to companies searching for talent. Most job referral services are the registration type.

Main target
Those who are primarily engaged in white collar jobs
With the intervention of a consultant, it is possible to receive support for a successful career change and negotiate the terms of employment such as annual salary.

In this type of service, the recruitment company is commissioned by a company that is searching for talent to look for the right candidate (headhunting).

Main target
Superior management position
Senior specialist/technical position
Most projects are individual and highly confidential