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We provide information about the salaries of white collar jobs in countries' throughout Asia

JAC Group, one of the largest Japanese recruitment company in Asia, offers statistical data on salaries in the Asian career change market, drawing on the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years. This analysis presents information of Japanese companies, foreign-owned companies and local companies separately, which allows you to accurately understand the local salary level.

The Salary Analysis in Asia 2019

Chief Editor: Toshihiro Kurozawa

JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. / Principal Analyst

He is a leading analyst of the global white collar mid-career recruitment market. His realistic analysis, based upon global mid-career recruitment data collected from countries in which JAC Group operates, is highly evaluated in many fields.
He has worked as a recruitment consultant and in the Human Resources and Business Planning Divisions at JAC before taking his current position.

  • Member of the External Labour Market Salary Level Committee at the Japan Association of Human Resources Services Industry
  • Visiting fellow at the Institute for Transnational Human Resources Management, Waseda University
  • Chartered member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan

He writes articles and columns for magazines such as "Monthly HRM Materials", "HR Practice", "Chemical Industrial Economy" and "Chingin Jijo" (magazine on salary management).
He also writes for newspapers and magazines such as "Nikkei Keizai Shimbun", "Nikkei Business", "Asia Market Review", "Nikkei Electronics" and "Nikkei Business Associe" and on TV, NHK.
He is currently the chief editor of The Salary Analysis in Asia.

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