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  • 2020.7.29

    【In response to the prevention of the New Coronavirus】
    In order to ensure the health and safety of all JAC Group employees and customers, and to continue to provide stable business and services to our company, we have established a "New Coronavirus" policy, based around "Self-prevention responsibilities of each employee" and "Prevention of infection in our facility". We are working to prevent infections and reduce the risk of spreading infections by formulating guidelines for measures against infectious diseases.
    On the evening of July 28, one employee working at our Tokyo Headquarters building was confirmed to test "positive" for Coronavirus infection. After receiving a report from an employee who was confirmed to have a positive antigen test at the hospital, the employees who have been in close contact have switched to working from home. We have notified any customers who have also come in to contact with the employee and have disinfected business spaces and company facilities used.
    Going forward, the company will continue to swiftly determine and implement a response policy based on up to date government policy and action planning. We place the highest priority on preventing the spread of infection both inside and outside of the company while ensuring employee’s safety. Thank you for your understanding.


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