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Providing timely and appropriate support
for each industry and job category

As a Japanese recruitment agency originating in London, we have an international corporate culture as well as a unique global network spreading over 11 countries. With such a background, JAC has gained extensive experience in providing recruitment services to Japanese companies, foreign-owned companies and companies expanding overseas. Thanks to our strong relationships with companies which are based upon trust, we also have a large number of job openings for rare positions.

Recruitment support by professionals who are familiar with each industry and job category

JAC Recruitment has more than 750 consultants who are specialised in each industry and job category. Each of them is a recruitment professional with a high level of expertise. Many of them have previously worked in the industry of which they are in charge, so they have expert knowledge that allows them to understand the value of your experience and skills and introduce you to the most suitable jobs.

Strength in recruitment support for managerial, executive and specialist positions

About 70,000 people (2023 results) register with JAC every year. Many of the candidates who were recruited through our services are 35 years old or older and have a wealth of experience in administration (accounting, human resources, general affairs, etc.), sales, specialised fields and engineering.

Job categories of the recruited candidates

Age of the recruited candidates

Familiarity with the recruitment background and corporate culture

JAC Recruitment offers “360 style” consulting services where each consultant is responsible for both companies and candidates. As the consultants meet directly with the recruiters, they understand the background behind the recruitment as well as the company’s business strategies, corporate culture and organizational climate. They can therefore introduce jobs in companies where you can truly thrive after joining, unlike in the case of automatic matching on a database. Even if there are similar job openings, each one has particular corporate features. The consultants at JAC understand the needs of each company in detail and propose positions based on your expertise, potential and wishes.

"360 style" business model (JAC)

Two-sided model (our company)

Division-of-labour model

Division-of-labour model

JAC's professional brands

The social environment has changed over time, and the way in which companies recruit and search for candidates is also changing. We have established various brands to respond to these changes and fulfil your needs.

Service steps

  • STEP 1


    Please visit our website to register with JAC's career change support services. All career change support services are free.

  • STEP 2

    Meeting / Introduction of jobs

    A consultant specialising in your field will propose the best career plan for you.

  • STEP 3

    Application / Interview

    We will recommend you to the companies of your choice. We will schedule the interview and help you make application documents and prepare for the interview.

  • STEP 4

    Job offer / Starting work

    We will also negotiate your employment conditions, schedule the start date and give you advice on how to leave your current company amicably.

  • STEP 5


    As your career consultant, we will provide you with support even after you start working.

Service quality commitment

JAC Recruitment adheres to the following "service quality commitment" and provides support for professionals who wish to change jobs based on their experience.

  1. 1. We respond to every enquiry within 24 hours in principle.
  2. 2. We will inform you whether or not there is a suitable vacancy at the first meeting or even before then.
  3. 3. Upon receiving screening documents and/or interview results, we will inform you within 24 hours in principle.
  4. 4. We will contact you whenever we have a vacancy that suits your experience.
  5. 5. We will provide advice about how to leave your current company and what to do before joining the new company.
    We will also contact you a week before and a month after joining the company to provide you with support.


  • ※ We may not be able to respond to enquiries within 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and our designated company holidays.
  • ※ You must have all the necessary documents (resume, job history documents, etc.) ready for the recruitment process.
  • ※ If there is no vacancy that suits you at the time of the first meeting, we will contact you whenever one does arise.
  • ※ After the first meeting, a different consultant may be in charge of introducing jobs and responding to your enquiries.
  • ※ Depending on your experience and request, we may not be able to introduce jobs and provide you with support.