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Recognised under the "2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organisation Recognition Program"

2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organisation Recognition Program

JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. is recognised under the "2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organisation Recognition Program" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

The Health & Productivity Management Recognition Program is a system that honours companies that are practicing outstanding health management based on health initiatives promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Approach to health management by JAC Recruitment

Corporate Philosophy

Since its founding, JAC Recruitment has been promoting the "Philosophy & Policy" which is an unwavering value and the cornerstone of our growth and development.

As part of "Freedom & Discipline" in particular, we aim to be the model of the recruitment business, with each of us being a professional, specialised in career change; to be an individual who can play a significant role in the growth of companies and people; and to take care of both our body and mind and maintain a healthy spirit to achieve.

Health management policy

Based on our mission of "connecting people, companies and economy and contributing to their growth", we aim to expand our contribution on a global scale and become the world’s best recruitment company. Good health is vital for our employees who connect candidates and companies. We believe that we can increase our value as an intermediary by maintaining and improving our health. We are implementing various company-wide health promotion activities, so that all employees can maintain and improve their health by themselves.

Current issues

1.Exercise habits

Although the average age of our employees is relatively young (34 years old), lifestyle diseases such as lipid metabolism and liver function problems are often observed. Since the proportion of employees who regularly exercise is lower than the average value published by the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, we are working to help more employees exercise regularly to prevent lifestyle diseases.

2.Ensuring work–life balance

Since recruitment consultants often interview candidates in the evenings, they tend to finish work quite late. In addition, on average most only take nine days of paid leave and their special summer leave each year. Therefore we are working to create a work environment where employees can use all their paid leave and enjoy both time on and off work.
*Target: 11 days of paid leave and special summer leave (by the end of 2025)

3.Balancing work and parenting

About half of our employees are women. Since building relationships with client companies and candidates who found jobs or who are seeking jobs is an important part of recruitment business, we are working to reduce the mental and physical burden of our employees who go through childbirth and parenting, and help them to continue their career.

4.Non-smoking initiatives

We believe that smoking harms not only the smokers but also the health of those around them. In order to maintain health as professionals and improve the awareness of smoking risks, we encourage employees to stop smoking and aim for a 0% smoking rate.

About the system

We organised the Health Management Promotion Committee to carry out health management initiatives. The Head of Administration serves as the chairman, and the Human Resources Department Manager, Human Resources Team, the consulting doctor and the Health Committee members of the head office and each branch work together to set annual goals based on health-related issues and carry out various initiatives. We also receive and evaluate reports from the Health Committee members of each branch. The content of discussion at the Committee is also reported to the Board of Directors.

Efforts to improve employees’ health

In addition to planning and implementing health promotion initiatives, we are working comprehensively on more effective time management and efficient work styles, as well as on better work–life balance in accordance with the government’s work style reform policies.

Specific initiatives

  1. Understanding health conditions
    • Promotion of medical check-up
    • Promotion of complete medical check-up and cost assistance
    • Implementation of stress check-up
  2. Health promotion initiatives
    • Introduction of exercise promotion programme
    • Organisation of in-house stretch courses
    • Support for in-house club activities
  3. Providing opportunities for taking disease prevention measures
    • Influenza vaccination and cost assistance
    • Free dental check-up

Exercise promotion programme (Healthy Challenge)

In order to create opportunities for employees to exercise, we give points to employees who exercise regularly and give them gift certificates according to the number of points they accumulate. The number of participants is increasing every year. We also assist them with expenses for the use of sports clubs and other sports facilities.

In-house stretch courses

We invite external lecturers to hold courses on simple exercises that can be done even at work to prevent stiff shoulders and back pain.

Support for in-house club activities

We have established various clubs such as futsal, soccer, basketball, volleyball and yoga clubs, in which employees can participate voluntarily. We contribute to covering operational expenses for each club.

Support for improvement of work–lifestyle

  1. Working hours, holidays
    • Working time management
    • Encouragement to take paid leave
  2. Information/education
    • Providing information for improving health
    • Providing educational opportunities
  3. Other welfare programs
    • Childcare support fund system
    • Working Parents Committee

Working time management

Under the company-wide working time management policy, we are working on getting results within a limited time. Since the consultants often interview candidates in the evenings, we also promote a flexible working style including flexible starting hours. Moreover, the summer leave offers opportunities to take nine consecutive days to refresh both mind and body.

Childcare support fund system

A childcare allowance of up to 100,000 yen/month is provided to employees with children to help them balance work and child rearing. By providing childcare support that covers the cost of childcare services, we ensure that employees can work professionally with peace of mind.

Working Parents Committee

We regularly hold Working Parents Community events, where employees with children from the head office and branch offices gather to share their concerns as working parents, advise on time management and exchange ideas for balancing work and family life. Furthermore, we set up the Working Parents Committee consisting of the Community representatives and Human Resources Department, in order to discuss what kind of support can be made as a company based on opinions of the Community and how to further vitalise the Community.

Achievements and goals

Targets for 2025 2023 Results
Medical check-up rate 100% 100%
(Relative to prev. year +0pt)
Stress check-up rate 100% 90.2%
(Relative to prev. year +2.5pt)
Specific Health Guidance attendance rate
*2022 figure
25% 6.9%
(Relative to prev. year +0.5pt)
Exercise promotion program participation rate 30% 28.0%
(Relative to prev. year +0.7pt)
Smoking rate 0% 5.7%
(Relative to prev. year △1.7pt)
Medical check-up anomaly observation rate 20% 26.0%
(Relative to prev. year △1.0pt)
Number of paid leave taken
11 Days 11.4 Days
(Relative to prev. year +0.86Days)