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One Placement creates One Plant to save the Planet
One placement becomes one seedling, nurturing the future of the earth.

As part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, JAC Group is engaged in revitalisation of tropical rainforest to make the earth greener.
Our reforestation activity "PPP Project – One Placement creates one Plant to save the Planet" aims to contribute to measures against global warming by planting one tree per person who found a job through JAC companies around the world.

These reforestation activities are carried out on the islands of Bali in Indonesia and Borneo in Malaysia.
In Bali, Indonesia, we plant seedlings (native trees such as ampupu and chinaberry) on land buried in volcanic ash, where the 13th Conference of the Parties to the Convention of Climate Change (COP13) was held, through the NPO Asian Green Forest Network (AGFN).

In Malaysia, in association with the Orangutan Forest Fund of the Japan Malaysia Association (JMA), we plant trees in the Apeng Forest Reserve located in Sarawak, Borneo Island, an area which has previously been considered one of the most deforested areas in the world. Our activities are aimed at not only regenerationg and conserving the tropical rainforest in Malaysia but also saving orangutans and the various other wildlife which inhabits the forest.
In addition, the project has led to the promotion of employment and the greening of local areas, through our cooperation with local residents in seedling growing and planting work.

As an international recruitment company with a global network, we at JAC Group hope to promote environmental conservation activities on a global scale whilst supporting the growth and development of our client companies and candidates. We believe that the regeneration and protection of tropical rainforests is a vital step to combat the threat of climate change and create a healthy and beautiful earth.
We will continue these activities as a company-wide project to restore the forest and preserve and protect precious animals and plants and contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

JAC Group afforested areas

  • Bali (Penelokan District, Kintamani County, Banli Province, Bali, Republic of Indonesia)
  • Borneo (Apeng Forest Reserve, Sarawak Province, Borneo Island, Malaysia)

Tree-planting achievements

Since the beginning of the reforestation project in 2008, JAC Group as a whole has planted 105,563 trees as of 2020. Every year, a number of employees go to the planted areas to plant trees with local residents and to learn its impact to the environment and society.
We will continue this activity as one of the most important SDGs related initiatives of our Group.


  • NPO Asian Green Forest Network (Bali)
  • Japan Malaysia Association (Borneo Island)