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Our goal is to continuously
link companies and candidates
to support their growth
and contribute to
a sustainable society.

Hiromi Tazaki Hiromi Tazaki

JAC Group operates across 24 offices in 11 countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and regions throughout Asia. Our strength is introducing excellent global human resources to help support the growth of businesses worldwide with expertise that has been perfected over many years of experience.

At the same time, in emerging economies with remarkable economic growth, we are not only providing employment opportunities to local business people, but also providing consulting around local culture and customs, this is indispensable knowledge when it comes to business promotion to local companies. We are proud that such support offers a significant contribution to the economic development of these countries. Our business activities connect people and companies, contributing to the improvement of living standards recommended by SDGs, such as reducing poverty, improving people's health and well-being, quality education, and a safe and hygienic environment. JAC Group will continue to expand its support to people and companies in emerging countries.

On the other hand, in advanced economies such as Japan, we are working to develop internal systems while deepening our understanding of the role that advanced economies should take on in promoting SDGs. Currently, in Japan, we are providing subsidies to support childcare and establish exercise habits so that employees and their families can live healthy and motivated lives. Furthermore, the JAC Group as a whole continues to carry out educational activities aimed at achieving a 100% non-smoking rate and tree-planting CSR activities with the participation of each employee so that each employee's awareness extends to the global environment. We are working to create an organization that is highly conscious of social contribution, as well as promoting the health of our employees.

The founder of JAC Group and Director, Tadayoshi Tazaki established a private foundation to provide scholarships to Japanese high school students who have the potential and willingness to play an active role in the future in the world. We are focusing on developing human resources who will take on the role of leaders in the future. This initiative is funded by the Company's dividends, and supports the development of human resources who understand and practice the SDGs outside of the company.

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of JAC Group
Hiromi Tazaki

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