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Our goal is to link companies
and candidates in support
of their continued growth
while contributing to
a sustainable society.

Hiromi Tazaki Hiromi Tazaki

JAC Group supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our core business of recruitment services.

JAC Group has participated in the economic and social development of rapidly expanding Southeast Asian countries, together with people and companies active globally. In addition to providing employment opportunities, JAC Group assists companies that have set up businesses in these countries with guidance on their culture and characteristics, which are essential for business success, and with workshops on human rights and environmental issues.

JAC Group helps to improve fields such as education, agricultural technology, and medical care in these countries by connecting global human resources with local organisations that promote international cooperation. By continuing to support people and companies working in developing countries, JAC Group aims to contribute to the SDGs to end poverty, ensure healthy lives and well-being, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and to ensure water and sanitation for all.

JAC Group has been following its corporate philosophy of 'Philosophy & Policy', with 'Freedom & Discipline' and 'Fairness' as its Philosophy and 'Speed, Sincerity & Attitude' as its Policy since its establishment.

According to the 'Fairness' of JAC's corporate culture, all JAC employees always receive fair chances and are assessed fairly based on their own skills and accomplishments, no matter what their nationality, race, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion or creed are. 'Diversity, Equity & Inclusion' is a significant corporate value that relates to this 'Fairness' and is prevalent across the Group.

We also have a variety of welfare programs that help our employees and their families to lead safe and healthy lives. The childcare support system helps us to keep the 100% rate of employees returning to work after having a baby. We also encourage and help pay for healthy exercise habits, and we offer medical support to become a company where no employee smokes.

Since 2008, one of our specific actions in support of the SDGs is the restoration of tropical rainforests by planting trees in Southeast Asia, which has benefits for both reducing global warming and promoting local education and employment.

The JAC Environmental Animal Protection Foundation, which was founded in March 2022 in Japan, aims to boost the country's environmental protection by educating, fundraising, and supporting various activities, resulting in more employees being aware of the SDGs. We will keep working to achieve a sustainable society by honestly addressing and actively solving the problems that affect both humans and the planet.

We will continue to make efforts to achieve a sustainable society by proactively tackling the problems facing people and the planet.

Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO, and Managing Director
Hiromi Tazaki

Working to Build a Sustainable World and Society
Fostering awareness through the JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation

JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation Logo

Since 2008 JAC Group has been engaged in overseas afforestation activities in Southeast Asia. In March 2022, Hiromi Tazaki established the charitable JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation whose purpose is to ensure the conservation of the natural environment and the protection of animal life in Japan (recognised as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation in February 2023).

At JAC Group we help the growth of people, businesses, the economy, and society, while contributing to environmental conservation on a global scale, carrying out conservation activities, and raising awareness. We are proud to support the work of this foundation. The JAC Environmental & Animal Protection Foundation Homepage (In Japanese only)