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JAC Recruitment is a pioneer of professional recruitment consulting, working globally with the best companies and the most talented candidates to provide opportunities for their growth and the development of their communities.

Our Mission

Connecting Ambitions

JAC Group has been connecting people, businesses, the economy and society and contributing to their growth by linking (introducing) professionals who play an important role in the development of companies around the world.

The success of the professionals we connect leads to the progress of companies and eventually to the development of the world economy. That economic development results in contribution to society.
Every person we connect will connect to new people in new environments, leading to further personal growth.
Connecting our ambitions leads to the development of individuals, companies, society, nations and the world.
Connecting these together is the work and mission of JAC Group.

Philosophy & Policy

"Philosophy & Policy" is the management philosophy of JAC Recruitment and the cornerstone of our continuous growth and development.
As a recruitment company, we introduce as many talented candidates as possible to companies in need of them. Our consultants act in accordance with this "Philosophy & Policy". "Philosophy & Policy" has been consistently passed down as part of our corporate culture and unwavering ethics despite the change in times and expansion of our business activities.


Freedom & Discipline
To be self-disciplined and refine ourselves with a strong will and freedom of thought.
A company where employees are evaluated based on their capabilities and achievements. People who work at JAC are always given a fair chance.


To propose new values before anyone, anywhere else.
To be considerate of others and always act with gratitude to the people around us, instead of only being concerned with our own affairs. To always be honest and work with pride.
To have a good attitude each day. To be respectful of everyone as a member of JAC Recruitment.

Freedom & Discipline

The origin of "Freedom & Discipline" stems from the British style educational philosophy that Tadayoshi Tazaki, the group's founder, discovered when studying at a public school in the UK. Study should not to be forced. Just memorising everything is useless.  We must first adopt a disciplined attitude towards studying and refine ourselves with free thought. This means to be self-disciplined and refine ourselves with a strong will. Such a philosophy from a developed country has become the basis of the founder's way of life.

JAC Recruitment has been managed according to this philosophy since its founding. It includes disciplining ourselves and achieving goals without settling for the corporate environment in which employees with strong determination can grow; becoming the model of recruitment businesses, with each of us being a professional specialising in career change; being an individual who can play a significant role in the growth of companies and people; and taking care of both our body and mind and maintaining a healthy spirit to achieve.

This philosophy forms the basis of our mission which is "to connect as many people and companies as possible". "To connect" is an active verb. Connections are not made by sitting still or by chance. We create the connections needed for the development of companies and society and when we “connect” we connect “ambitions” with determination. That is our work and mission.