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About the JAC Group's SDGs related initiatives

Our goal is to continuously link companies and candidates to support their growth and contribute to a sustainable society. We furthermore seek to help achieve objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) going forward, in part by providing support for childcare and health so that our employees and their families are able to lead healthy and motivated lives, and also by implementing environmental conservation activities through tree planting initiatives to ensure that each and every one of our employees is aware of the global environment.
* All data is current as of September 2021, unless otherwise stated.

JAC Group offices

Growing and expanding as a company engaged in the human resource business, we provide services in 11 countries. We promote the creation of opportunities for employment in line with conditions in each country, supporting the sustainable growth of companies and their staff.

Employee diversity and empowerment

JAC Group employs professionals of various nationalities and appropriately assesses their performance, irrespective of age, gender, and country of citizenship.

In addition, we ensure that LGBTQ+ employees are able to work with peace of mind and have accordingly created workplace environments that enable our diverse range of professionals to equitably take on active roles, such as by granting employees in same-sex and common-law marriages eligibility for congratulatory and condolence payments.

Percentage of female employees and managers

JAC Group values the notion of fairness as an important element of its Philosophy & Policy corporate philosophy. As such, we strike a roughly equal balance between the number of men and women in our workforce to ensure a business culture conducive to gender equality. As such, women account for 42% of JAC Group’s employees in Japan, thereby exceeding the national average of 27%*. (* Source: Teikoku Databank, 2021)
Meanwhile, 38.8 % of JAC Group’s employees in Japan serve at the level of senior consultant and above.

Women account for 25% of our managerial workforce as of September 2021, but we seek to increase our ratio of female managers to 40% of the overall number of employees in managerial roles by the end of 2025.

Initiatives for the employment of individuals with disabilities

At JAC Japan, we aim to promote and support the employment of staff with disabilities, cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can work with ease and enthusiasm. (As of April 2023, JAC’s 'Employees with disabilities legal employment sufficiency rate' was 115%).

Since 2013, we have been providing employment opportunities at an agricultural farm in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, where employees with disabilities can utilize their individual abilities. Employees purchase the harvested crops at regular in-house spot sales events, sharing the success of staff with disabilities and the joy of harvesting.

No-smoking initiatives

To play an important role in “connecting people and companies” it is beneficial for our employees to be healthy. Accordingly, we aim to encourage and support all employees within the Group in becoming non-smokers.

In Japan, our company has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi for recognition under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program .

SDG-related information disclosure and employee education

Information on the JAC Group’s SDG initiatives is disseminated through our corporate website and integrated report in a timely manner.
Meanwhile, we aim to raise employee awareness and foster a culture with respect to the SDGs by introducing SDG education programs and conducting in-house educational activities at least once every six months.

Initiative to address environmental issues through a change in business card material

From June 2019, we (JAC Japan) switched business card material from recycled paper containing used paper to "LIMEX," a material with less environmental impact. We also promote a paperless workplace or the use of "FSC certified paper," an eco-friendly paper that has received international recognition.
In 2020, we removed plastic PET bottle products from vending machines in our offices and switched to aluminum can products.
In order to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags, we distribute cloth eco-bags to all JAC Group employees and promote their use.

Initiatives for environmentally-sound energy consumption

We place top priority on the aim of using energy derived from non-fossil fuels and have been making full use of such green energy in our Tokyo Head Office building since April 2022.

Reforestation activities

The JAC Group plants one tree for every person who changes jobs through our Group companies. This embodies our future vision in which as the seedling grows, the job changer will also flourish in his or her new environment.
In addition to the regeneration and preservation of reforested areas, this activity has led to the promotion of local employment through work in cooperation with local residents. Through this Group-wide initiative, we will continue to help local communities become greener while we work to promote employment opportunities.