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Tadayoshi Tazaki (founder) established JAC Recruitment in London to support the recruitment process of Japanese companies expanding overseas

The business started in a corner of the accounting office on the 2nd floor of a Japanese food supermarket in the suburbs of London. In 1981, Hiromi Tazaki, the current chairman, joined the company.

The recruitment business was not yet commonplace in the 1970s, and few Japanese people knew the word "Employment Agent".

View of JAC Recruitment Fair

JAC expanded its business as a Japanese recruitment company, originating the UK.

The business in the UK progressed well, with the number of clients increasing steadily. JAC also opened a branch in the City of London and expanded divisions.

Relocated the office to the financial district.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment Singapore as the first overseas office

Established the first overseas office in Singapore.
Specialised in introducing candidates speaking Japanese to Japanese companies expanding to Singapore.


Expansion to Japan
Establishment of JAC Recruitment Japan

Established JAC Japan Co., Ltd. in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. (Currently, JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.)
Expanded business by intially targeting multinational companies and the financial sector.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment Malaysia

Established an office in Malaysia.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment Indonesia

Established an office in Indonesia.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment China
Establishment of JAC Recruitment Thailand

Established offices in China and Thailand.


Listing of JAC Recruitment Japan on JASDAQ

Listed shares on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.


Change of company name from JAC Recruitment Japan

Changed the company name from JAC Japan Co., Ltd. to JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Changed the business model from "split style" to "360 style", with a focus on talent introduction and international operations.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment Korea
Establishment of JAC Recruitment Hong Kong
Establishment of JAC International Co., Ltd.

Established offices in Korea and Hong Kong.
Established JAC International Co., Ltd. and started the recruitment service specialising in multinational companies.


JAC Establishment of JAC Recruitment Vietnam
Acquisition of C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd.

Established an office in Vietnam.
Acquired all shares of C.C. Consulting Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary.


Establishment of JAC Recruitment India
Listing of JAC Recruitment Japan on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Established an office in India.
Changed stock exchange listing to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Acquisition of all shares of JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd(*) by JAC Recruitment Japan
30th anniversary of JAC Recruitment Japan

Acquired all shares of JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd (*)(offering recruitment services in nine countries around Asia) and unified the JAC Group.

*On May 8th, changed the company name from JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd to JAC Recruitment International Ltd.

30th Anniversary Party

Establishment of JAC Germany

Established an office in Germany.


Acquired VantagePoint K.K. as a 100% owned subsidiary

45th anniversary of JAC Group

Changed the company name from JAC Recruitment Asia Ltd to JAC Recruitment International Ltd

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