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The origins of the company name

In 1975, JAC (Japan Agency & Consultancy) was established in London with the aim of supporting Japanese nationals living in the UK. The company name, JAC, conveys the desire to serve as a representative (Agency) and consultant (Consultancy) of Japanese citizens (Japan) who work in the UK.

JAC later established recruitment companies in other countries such as Singapore and continued to grow and expand. The group (thereafter known as "JAC Group") currently offers services in 11 countries.

*Our company was established in March 1988 as a subsidiary of JAC Group, with the aim of running a recruitment business in Japan. As a Japanese recruitment company originating in the UK, we work with an international corporate culture as our background.

About the symbol (logo)

The logo of JAC Recruitment comprises a large jigsaw puzzle piece (symbolising a company seeking talent) connecting with a smaller piece (symbolising the job seeker).
It conveys our desire to “connect people, business, the economy and society and contribute to their growth”.

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