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Personal Information Protection Management Policy

The first edition established on August 9, 2005
The eleventh edition revised on March 1, 2022
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd.
Co-founder, Chairman and CEO Hiromi Tazaki

As a fee-charging employment agency that is certified by the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare, JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. (JAC) sufficiently recognizes its social responsibility to protect all personal information that it handles and shall observe laws related to the protection of personal rights and personal information. In addition, JAC declares that it shall involve the entire company to construct a personal information protection and management system to carry out the below policies and continually improve it while maintaining constant awareness of the latest trends in information technology, changes in social demands, and changes in the business environment.

  • Personal information shall only be collected, used, and provided within the range necessary for the rightful pursuit of business by JAC, the hiring of employees, and management of human resources and shall not be handled outside of the range necessary to accomplish the usage purposes that have been specified. In addition, necessary measures shall be carried out to accomplish the above objectives.
  • Laws related to the protection of personal information, guidelines established by Japanese government, and other policies shall be observed.
  • Corporate proper resources shall be invested to carry out reasonable safety measures to counteract and prevent the risk of leakage, loss, and damage of personal information, and the personal information security framework shall continuously be improved. Also, corrective measures shall be taken promptly in the unlikely event of the above incidents.
  • The inquiries and claims regarding the handling of personal information shall be handled promptly, faithfully, and appropriately.
  • The personal information protection management system shall be revised regularly as appropriate to any changes to JAC’s environment, and its improvement shall be promoted continuously.

These policies shall be distributed to all employees for notification and be made available to anybody at any time through inclusion on JAC’s website and pamphlets.

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